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World Junior Ultimate Championships – WJUC 2014

WJUC 2014 was chaotic and didn’t meet expectations of quality of a world championship. The communication to teammanagers was a disaster. Dorms were cheap shit for a lot of money. many more details were planned or implemented badly.
Despite the many dissapointing things, it’s fair to say that the quality of the fields was awesome (it got worse with the rain, but who would blame the organizers for this. This is just part of a sport played outdoor), drinking water was available on the entire venue and the shuttle buses ran smooth 80% of the time.

Boys update:
After beating New Zealand 16:14 and Poland 17:11, the swiss lost the last game to Ireland and finished 11th. An improvement to 2012, but the goal of the players (coming 9th) wasn’t met. Despite missing the goal, the tournament was a success, with players stepping up and taking responsabilities and a team fighting hard in every game!

Girls update:
The girls won all their games in the lower pool and showed a fantastic debut of a swiss U20 women national team! Coming 13th with this young and yet unexperienced team was a great achievement!