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World Ultimate Club Championships 2014 in Lecco

That’s it, club worlds are over. Here’s the final recap about the swiss teams competing at the World Ultimate Club Championships 2014.

All teams put a lot of effort into their preparation to perform at this tournament. For the swiss teams the tournament didn’t go well all the way and all of them finished below their expectations. Even though expectations weren’t met – those ranks in a world wide rising level deserve some respect. Respect for the commitment. Consider all the hours that have been put into preparation by coaches, captains, players and supporters! All the time, effort and money that was brought up to compete in Lecco! Big hands to all the teams, staff, players and supporters for representing swiss Ultimate at the 2014 WUCC!

mixed division:
Disc Club Panthers finish 43rd
and comes 6th in Spirit of the Game ranking

women division:
ZUF finish 19th

open division:
Freespeed Basel finish 18th
and comes 2nd in the Spirit of the Game ranking

Flying Angels Bern finish 45th

all results HERE