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Swiss Women Get Second at Tom’s Tourney

You didn’t hear the inside story from what happened at Tom’s Tourney for the Swiss Women? Read their tournament recap here!


What a wonderful start to the official season for the Swiss Women’s Ultimate National Team! Day 1 at Tom’s Tourney started off by getting wild against Mantis (Austria), defeating the religious bugs (…?) with a score of 13-5. After an initial slow start the first 4 or 5 points, the Swiss Women started to click and find their flow. The first game served its purpose to reignite the chemistry between players and start placing the building blocks that will be the foundation for the rest of the season.

In the second game, the wind picked up and the sun came out as the Swiss Women faced an athletic yet small squad from the Irish National Team. The Irish came out fast and strong, holding the lead at 3-1. After an Irish time-out during a long point, the Swiss Women found their fight and won the point, taking the game back into their hands. Although a good fight to the end, tight handler defense and loud sidelines contributed to the Swiss victory of 8-5.

For the third and last game of the day, the Swiss Women played the Dutch National Team in sunny and slightly windy conditions. After a quick lesson on the definition of the word “swagger”, the Swiss Women took their swagger to the field and played with confidence, taking control of the playing field. The Dutch lionesses found a spark and had a couple point run near the end, but the Swiss Women were able to hold the lead and come out on top at 12-7.

Highlights from the day include loud and encouraging sidelines, positive and massive support, Ursina’s birthday cake, various waffle treats from generous teams, Yannick’s post-playing “straiteuchingue” (or stretching…), and refueling our bodies with a ridiculous amount of meat from the tournament BBQ.


The second day at Tom’s Tourney echoed the success of Day 1. Under a cloudy yet never rainy sky, the Swiss Women’s National Team continued to place the building blocks of their season’s construction. With an earlier start than yesterday, the 4th game of pool play revealed an opponent of the Denmark National Team. The Danish ladies gave a tough fight, maintaining a high intensity throughout the game. Winning a nearly 20 min long point including two time-outs was a turning point for the Swiss Women, taking control of the game, leading to a victory of 8-4 and the first place in the pool.

The second game of the day, and the first of the power pool play, was against the Belgium National Team. With athletic moves and great flow, the Belgian ladies showed their willingness to battle. The Swiss Women stayed strong and steady, however, never wavering even on the line of the universe point. A loud and supportive sideline and cool confidence provided the Swiss Women with a well-earned victory of 9-8.

The third game of Day 2 was another great showdown between the Swiss Women and the Great Britain National Team. A game full of clean play and nice flow, each team took advantage of the other team’s mistakes and never quit fighting, even through the long points. Great Britain was able to convert on a few of the Swiss Women’s execution errors and unfortunately the Swiss Women were unable to fully recover. Although the Swiss never stopped fighting, the game ended in their first loss of the tournament at 6-9.

The fourth and last game of the day saw the quarterfinals against the French National Team. The teams traded points back and forth until a score of 5-5, where the Swiss Women found their legs and broke the French offense. The Swiss Women were able to continue rolling and fighting for each point, leading to a victory of 10-7 and a spot in the semi-finals game in the morning!

Another successful day for the Swiss Women, with lots of learning and team development. Not quite ready to head back home to the land of cheese, chocolate, and cows, the Swiss Women are excited to face the German National team at 9:00 tomorrow morning.


The third and final day at Tom’s Tourney was bound to be a good one, and indeed it did not disappoint. The Swiss Women woke up fired up and ready to go, finding the perfect balance between a competitive edge and having fun during the warm up. They took the field against the German National Team, knowing that they faced a strong opponent. Paying no attention to windy and slightly rainy conditions, the Swiss Women took control from the very beginning with smooth offense and hard defense, scoring upwind and downwind breaks. The Germans took a time out at 4-2, hoping to stop the Swiss momentum, but the Swiss came back unphased with two unanswered breaks. Each point was hard fought, with the Germans testing the Swiss defense on deep options, and forcing the offense to be calm and composed. The Swiss energy came flowing from the sidelines and was unwavering, a huge contributing factor to the Swiss victory of 9-7 and a well-deserved spot in the championship game.

The Swiss Women faced a rematch in the final, playing against the Great Britain National Team for the number one spot at Tom’s Tourney. After a nearly 4 hour break, the Swiss Women had to get back in the mindset of playing and prepare for an excellent match-up.  The Swiss came out fired up and so did GB, running together for the first couple points. However, GB was able to capitalize on a few execution errors from the Swiss Women and began to pull ahead. Although still fighting for every point with incredible defense, the Swiss energy hit a lull and GB took advantage. The Swiss Women found their stride again near the end of the game, but unfortunately the deficit was too large and time was too short to recover. The final score was 6-14, placing the Swiss Women in 2nd place at Tom’s Tourney.

As the first tournament for the Swiss Womens National Team and the beginning of the official season, Tom’s Tourney was an incredible success. Seeded 4th coming in and placed 2nd going out, the Swiss Women showed their willingness to fight and incredible potential for what they can achieve throughout the season.

Until next time….Hopp Schwiiz!!”