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Swiss women national team @ Windmill – Day 1

For the second official tournament of the season, the Swiss women find themselves in the beautiful city of Amsterdam, competing at Windmill Windup 2015.

Day 1 was hot, sunny and a bit windy, the perfect opportunity to work on zone, resilience and our frisbee tans. For the first game of the tournament, the Swiss women came out excited and strong against the Czech National team. Relentless, smooth and steady, the Swiss women never wavered even under Czech pressure, finishing the game with a victory of 15-4.

In the second game, the Swiss women faced a rematch from the Tom’s tourney semi-final against the German National team. Although a final score of 7-15, each point was hard faught and the Swiss women never gave up. They found some excellent flow on offense and played hard, tough defense, but unfortunately the Germans were able to capitalize on simple Swiss mistakes, contributing to the Swiss loss.

Game 3 was against the Irish National team and another high level competitive game. Both teams played hard and fast, with wonderful spirit from both sides. After an initial close start, the Swiss women got their breaks and began to pull ahead. Even with the beautiful long throws and speedy D, the Swiss women kept the Irish at bay, finishing with a victory of 15-10.

Ranked 6 after Day 1 under the Swiss draw system, the Swiss women face the Italian National team at 9 am in the morning. Until next time… HOPP SCHWIIIIZ !