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Swiss women national team @ Windmill – Day 2

Day 2 at Windmill proved to be another exciting day of ultimate for the Swiss Women`s National Team. Starting off the day fired up for their first game against the Italian National Team, the Swiss came out strong with 2 breaks, and managed to keep the point differential throughout the game. Calm and confident offense and hard tough defense led to a Swiss victory of 15-13.

The second game saw an opponent of the Finland National Team, a wonderfully hard fought game with great connections on both sides. However, the Swiss struggled to contain the clean and precise connections on the Finnish deep throws, ultimately leading to a Swiss loss of 8-13.

Earning a spot in the quarterfinals, the Swiss women’s 3rd game was against the Great Britain National Team, and oh what a game it was. The wind added an extra factor, but one that both teams had to deal with. Going into halftime down 4-8, the Swiss women made an incredible run, finally figuring out the wind and making amazing deep connections. Never giving up fight, the Swiss came back strong, down one point at 11-12 when time ran out, indicating a game to 13 points. With another break and tied at 12s (and Clau’s birthday in mind), the Swiss women played an incredible universe point, making one last beautiful deep connection to win the game and earn a spot in the semi-finals.

Coming off the excitement of the Great Britain game, the Swiss women faced the German National Team for the 4th game of the day. After a slow start the Swiss were down 3-8 at halftime, but never stopped fighting and started using the wind to their advantage on both offense and defense. Coming back strong in the second half, the Swiss were able to put the Germans on their heals, but unfortunately it wasn’t quite enough to make up the deficit, ending in a Swiss loss of 10-15.

The Swiss women will face a rematch against the Finnish National Team in the morning, competing for the 3rd place at the Windmill Windup tournament. Let’s see what Day 3 shall bring! Hopp Schweiz!!!