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Swiss women at Copenhagen – Day 4

After a full night of sleep and a long morning, the Swiss women took the field refreshed and renewed, ready to face their opponent of France at 13:00. Gray yet never rainy skies greeted the teams, adding an extra dimension of wind to the game. Switzerland and France traded points back and forth, both teams contesting every disc and attacking on offense, trying to get a break. The Swiss were rewarded for their hard work, scoring one break before half. A physical yet hard fought and fair game, the teams continued trading points during some very long points (where even 2 timeouts were taken during 1 point), but time finally ran out at a score of 12-11 for a game to 13. The Swiss gave it their all and fought until the very end, scoring to finish out the game at 13-11, securing a spot in the quarterfinals match.


For the quarterfinals, the Swiss women faced the Russian National Team. Knowing that this would be another tough game, the Swiss came out strong, determined to set the tone for the rest of the game. Scoring a break early, the Swiss were able to hold their lead throughout many points with incredible plays from both teams, from beautiful deep connections to impressive layout D’s. Due to windy conditions and hard, tight defense, many turnovers occurred for both teams, creating opportunities up and down the field. The Swiss used the wind to their advantage, containing the Russian handlers with their zone, taking away deep options and forcing short throws with few meters gained. Time cap went off after 100 minutes, signaling a game to 12. Starting on defense, the Swiss were fired up, knowing that a spot in the semi-finals game was on the line. After an incredible layout (yet injury inducing) defense, the Swiss had a beautiful deep throw and another quick one into the endzone, earning themselves a well-deserved spot in the semi-final game tomorrow at 13h00 with a final score of 12-9. The Swiss will face a rematch against the Italian National Team to determine which team will play in the championship game on Sunday. Hopp Schwiiz!!

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