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Swiss women at Copenhagen – Day 5

After another long morning, the Swiss took the field under blue and sunny skies, with just enough wind to make things interesting. This was their semi-final game, a rematch against the Italian National Team to determine who would have the honor of playing in the championship game. The Swiss started on offense, feeling the butterflies in their stomach and the nervous excitement of such an important game. The Italians started with a break as the Swiss tried to figure out the wind, adjusting to throws being pushed up or down. The Swiss channeled their excitement and energy into defense, putting pressure on the Italians, forcing turnovers and creating opportunities. Trading points back and forth, the Swiss kept fighting and earned themselves a break or two, taking half at 9-7. The game continued in this fashion with contested discs on both sides, testing each team’s persistence and patience to continue working the disc up the field. The Swiss’ fight and determination proved to be unwavering, ultimately leading to a Swiss victory of 15-11. Tomorrow the Swiss will face the Finnish National Team in the championship game, determining which is the best womens team in Europe. The Swiss women couldn’t be more excited and proud to represent their wonderful country of Switzerland.

You too can follow the action live! Streaming of the game at 12 pm can be found here: