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ALL: Fitness starts now
- 1x Sprints with Schemm per week
- 1x Agility with Em per week
- 1-3x Core with Chrigi per week
- Throw 5000 per week

Note by KFT-Lou Burruss on which Throwing Routine you should choose:

"What is interesting to me is how much each routine reflects the throwers who created it.  You can see in KFT the rigor, precision and exacting repetition (...) KFT is pushing the boundaries of comfort, getting out to the margins and challenging what is possible.  Wiggins’ Zen Throwing (...) is control and focus.

Which system should you use?  It really depends on you, both stylistically and the structure of your life.  Start by trying each.  You will need to do them twice before they make sense, because the first time through you are learning the What and not the How.  One (or both) will resonate with you and that is the one you should use.  You will also need to figure out how it will fit into your life."

Core Training 2015  Download  
Kung Fu Throwing  Download  
The Wiggins Zen Throwing Routine  Download  
Fitness Families  Download  
Ausdauer Trainingsplan  Download  
Agility Workout Plan  Download  

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